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When planning to build your dream home it is easy to get caught up in things like the kitchen cabinets, tiled showers and flooring options. All these ideas and decisions revolve around the mortgage payment. Does anyone think about what the energy bills are going to look like? Does anyone think about what the energy bills might look like 10 maybe 20 years down the road? Did you anticipate the whole cost of owning your home. In the excitement of moving into a new home, these aren't always questions homeowners ask themselves.

Dorn Construction has the capability to build a home that encourages excitement, but also takes the practicality of day-to-day life into consideration. We can add comfort and durability while reducing your energy costs, and outperform today's energy star ratings while keeping the overall cost of home ownership similar to other contractors from the time you move in. Invest in your home and not the utility company. Dorn Construction can do all of this while maintaining the look, feel and comfort of a traditional home.

Whether you would like to improve the air quality of your home, eliminate pests and rodents, control mold and moisture, and/or reduce your overall energy use, Dorn Construction has the answers for you. No matter what concerns you have, we will provide a solution to you that will only result in a more comfortable home. With 15 years of building experience and extensive education about energy efficient best practices and building science, rest assured that Dorn Construction is the right company for the job!

Being Sustainable

At Dorn Construction we strive to limit the size of our environmental footprint. We take a holistic approach covering all aspects of the project. We try to use recycled products or products that can be recycled after its use. We also take into account the lifespan of products and their durability. We use best practice installations to help prolong the life of products. When remodeling, we strive to recycle or repurpose as much as we can. Untreated, unfinished wood products can be used for firewood, made into mulch or made into other building products. Sheetrock and concrete can be recycled. Unwanted cabinets, doors, trim and other finishes can be repurposed or donated to a local building material reuse center. We have strong passion for preserving the environment for future generations, and take whatever steps possible to reduce our impact any way we can.

Comfortable Living

The comfort of a home is important to everyone. Some rooms may feel cold in the winter. Second floors can be almost unbearable in the summer. Basements can feel cold and damp. All these situations can be corrected. By stopping air leaks and providing adequate insulation, your home can be cozy no matter what room you may be in.

Indoor Air Quality

The air quality in your home can make or break your health. Dorn Construction wants to ensure that you will be making happy and healthy memories in your home, and we're here to make sure the indoor air quality of your home is top notch.

Many factors can impact the air quality of your home. Drafts and water infiltration can cause mold. Combustion sources such as furnaces, water heaters and appliances can release carbon monoxide. Building materials, furniture, cabinetry and flooring can release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC?s). Household cleaning supplies, air fresheners, pesticides, and solvents used for hobby activities can release harmful chemicals.

Eliminating air leaks, controlling water issues, choosing healthy products and providing proper ventilation can make all the difference in the world. We are here to help you through the steps to make your home as healthy as possible.


Windows are not one size fits all. All window manufacturers offer an array of glazing options. Glazing options should correlate to the orientation of the window. South facing windows can be glazed to maximize solar heat gain. Proper shading of these windows will prevent over-heating in early fall. North facing windows can be glazed for better insulating properties. Just one more step to adding comfort to your home.

Superior Insulation

There is a wide variety of insulations products available today. With so many options, it may be difficult to comprehend what product is best for each situation. There are variations in cost, R-Value, characteristics and properties. We can guide you through the process to choose which product or products best suit your project.

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

This high performance construction technique offers a variety of benefits in new home construction. Continuous insulation provides a consistent layer without thermal bridges or "insulation gaps," as found in conventionally framed houses. ICF walls can regulate humidity levels, mitigate the potential for mold and facilitate a more comfortable interior while maintaining high thermal performance. The concrete core provides durability in extreme weather conditions. ICF blocks are made with a variety of recycled materials that can minimize the environmental impact of the building.

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